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Unpublished Manuscript

After The Soviet Union

January, 2007

Book on Post-Soviet Russia.  Other sections include Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the Baltic Republics


Magazine Articles

"Emerging Agricultural Trade Challenges"

Foreign Service Journal, May 2009

Article on emerging challenges in agricultural trade 

"Saving Globalization from Itself"

Foreign Service Journal, April 2007

Article on Globalization with a "Human Face"


"High Stakes, High Hurdles:  U.S. Farm Trade Policy"

Foreign Service Journal, May 2003

Article on Agricultural Trade Policy


"The Marble Canyon:  A Sight to Behold"

Singapore Law Gazette, February 2003

Travel article about Toroko Gorge, Taiwan


"Spires, Domes and the Hoards"

Singapore Law Gazette, April 2001

Travel article about Prague, Czech Republic


"Opportunities for U.S. Cotton Exports to Russia"

AgExporter Magazine, May 2001.

Article discusses opportunities to increase US cotton exports to the Russian textile industry.


"Russia's Growing Market for Beer Ingredients"

AgExporter Magazine, May 2000

Article outlines prospects for US agricultural exports to Russia's beer industry.


Report on Living and Working in Moscow, Russia

Real Post Reports, January 2001


"China Could Offer A Growing Market For U.S. Wood Exports"

AgExporter Magazine, March 1997

Article outlines prospects for US agricultural exports to China's wood processing sector.


"Forming Alliances: Creating a Forest from the Trees"

AgExporter Magazine, February 1996

Article outlines benefits of cooperatives and flexible networks to US wood producers.