Eric Trachtenberg


Text Box: “ Life should be like a work of art.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

To a photographer there is nothing more important than vision — the ability to see the world and make it come alive from behind the camera.  For 25 years, my goal has been to capture the incredible diversity and beauty of our world .  

Raised in Rochester, New York in a “Kodak family”, I have had camera in hand since childhood.  Since buying my first Nikon in 1980, I have improved my craft through practice but helped by studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Visual Studies Workshop .  

Since moving overseas in 1998, I have been fortunate to travel to the Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and East Asia.  My travels inside the Russian Federation have been particularly extensive, including to some places normally inaccessible to foreigners.  Having visited almost 40 countries and amassed a library of more than 30,000 photographs covering Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America, my vision is to share this world of images with the public.