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Last Revised:  November 15, 2009

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Hong Kong Night Scene
White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou, China




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I have an account on Facebook -- and my current status is below:

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I now have a WordPress-powered political blog at

I am expanding my photo collection on Picasaweb.  The page is below:


Family and Friends

My parents have a large number of items for sale on eBay.  They specialize in collector's glass, scientific instruments, books, porcelain, silver and other items.  They have especially large holdings of Havilland Limoges, W. H. Grindley, Bavaria, R.S. Prussia, Stueben, Hutschenreuther, and Syracuse China.  

Also on the family front, here is a home page for my brother's Veterinary Clinic, Ledgewood Equine Veterinary Clinic.    

Links to some other important people are on my Friends and Family Page.


Travel, Personal Photos and Writing

My travel map is here:

Photos of me can be found on Personal Pictures Page.

After The Soviet my Russia book, which covers life in more than 25 regions across the country from the Baltic Sea to Moscow and the Pacific Rim.  I also have additional text covering Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the Baltic republics.  The preview includes a map, samples from each chapter, original photography and a table of contents.  It will be expanded in the months to come. 

Recent publications include May 2009, April 2007 and May 2003 articles in the Foreign Service Journal

Other writing can be found on my Writing Page.



Home Page Highlights

On January 20 2002, China started destroying towns along the Yangzi.  The Three Gorges Page (中国三峡) covers my February 1997 trip up the Yangtze from Yichang (宜昌 )to Chongqing (重庆) in China.  Here is a Three Gorges Dam Resource Page which covers the history of the dam under construction on the Yangtze Jiang (长江).  I also have more material on Taiwan (台湾) and China (中国大陆) 

9-11 Memorial Page with photos of the New York World Trade Center taken in August 2001. 

My Chinese name chops page is here.




Other Interests  

I have many other interests outside work that range from politics to philosophy, photography, art, movies and international travel. I have traveled to 47 countries as of April 1, 2009.

I tend be both artistic and intellectual and believe in a balance between mental discipline and passion in life.  By building our strength in both areas, we experience the full richness of human life -- as and each side balances off the excesses and weaknesses of the other.  I believe that not only should life should be lived like a work of art but should be full of meaningful human relationships. 

I finished my Russia book and hope to turn next to completing a series of travelogues and photo pages before returning to my old and most important interests of philosophy and politics.  I also have many other hobbies



About This Page

This page and the domain name dates back to 1997.  I have continued to add more material as ideas for this page have developed, especially the travel, photography and hobby sections.  I am continuing to expand a Web-based photography portfolio that will eventually have hundreds of photos plus narratives.  The first 100 prints were added August-September, 1998 and the site has continued to grow since then.  



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