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Nankunshen (南昆深) 

Things soon took an ever more bizarre twist.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 

Welcome to fun: 

Going into a trance

Some people bent over incense near images of god and fell deeply into a trance. I was told the the gods were entering their bodies.
Deeper into a trance

The men fell deeper and deeper -- so deep that they needed support from others.
Men beating themselves 

At the same time, other man took out long clubs and started hitting themselves -- not that hard but still hard enough.
More weapons 

Out came a collection of very sharp weapons in carts.
Other weapons 

And more weapons came in hand baskets.
In front of the temple 

Then it started. The men took out the various instruments and started to hit themselves. At first I thought it was not serious because they seemed to be doing it gently. This misconception ended when the blood started running...
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