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Hong Kong/香港


HK Sky Line

Hong Kong is a wild mix of now fading colonialism, traditional Chinese culture, dense winding streets and beautiful mountainous islands -- all made more interesting by China's attempts to government a Capitalist enclave under Communism. Especially worth seeing is Lantau, which is (until they finish the new airport) sparsely inhabited and has great beaches and hiking. Hong Kong is one of the most accessible ways of escaping the the clutter of North East Asia if you need a break. I visited Hong Kong in June 1991 and October, 1996. Now that China has control and is slowly tightening its control, Hong Kong is set to change very quickly.

My Photographs of Hong Kong:

HK neon

HK at night is a riot of color.  The neon can be overwhelming at times...


Street signs in HK

Even the parking signs are vibrant.

Jumbo Restuarant

The Jumbo floating restaurant, which sits on a large barge in Aberdeen.  As Scottish as the name might sound, Aberdeen is full of old fishing boats where people live.

Street signs in HK

Inside Chungking Mansions, which is like a crossroads of the world -- and full of very cheap and centrally located hotels.  This place was truly Blade Runner Land.  How long the Chinese will let this valuable parcel of land go undeveloped is anybody's guess.

Lantau Island

Monastery Entrance...

In Hong Kong (like Taiwan) religion is alive and well. 
This an entrance to a famous Buddhist monastery on Lantau Island.

A mountain view over the monastery...

There are still many places of natural beauty left in Hong Kong. 
The hike up from the monastery to the top of the mountain gives an incredible view of the territory.


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