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Now that I have returned to Taiwan, my long relationship with Chinese culture has sprung back to life.  It all started in my teenage years when I first read the Chinese philosophers Zhuangzi (莊), Mengzi (孟子), Kongzi (孔子) and Laozi (老子).  Although time, my numerous trips to China, other new experiences and and my marriage have pushed me in new directions, I am grateful that Chinese culture opened my mind when young and allowed me to create my own life -- instead of living on remote control.  These are some of the chops that connect me to that world:
My Name Chops

Chops are used in the Chinese speaking world (and in Japan and Korea) both as art and as a way of signing your name or claiming ownership and control.  I have three of mine here. 

The chop on the left means "Xi Yuan" or the "Joy of Meeting"(喜缘).  This is usually given to a friend or lover and shows that the person is happy to know you (it has the same meaning if given as a gift or used on a document given to someone).

The two chops on the right are also from Taiwan and are both are my Chinese name, "Zhuang Meng-De" (莊孟德), which ha several meanings:

  1. "Zhuang" is a Chinese last name and a famous Daoist philosopher, Zhuangzi. 
  2. "Meng" is another Chinese philosopher, Mengzi and sounds like the word for "Dream"(夢). 
  3. "De" means "Virtue" and also means "Germany(德國)" -- which points back to my "real" name (which is German). 
  4. "Meng-De" also comes after Cao Meng-De (Cao-Cao or 曹孟德) who was a famous (or infamous) leader during China's "Three Kingdoms" period (184 - 286 AD).  This story is told in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國演義).

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