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  • Travel & Photography I want to travel and see the world. There is so much to learn and experience but at least I have made a decent start of it.  I finally made it to countries #40 and #41!  My father worked for Kodak for 35 years, which meant I was practically born with a camera in my hand.  Now that I have both a slide and print a scanner, I am feverishly photographs online.  I also have started selling stock photography.  I have not switched to digital because the cameras I can afford do not have enough resolution yet.  Since so much of my photography relates to travel, I have combined the travel and photography pages.
  • Philosophy & Religion I have always thought it was important to think about the meaning of life by learning from books, talking with people and seeing the world.  Although it all sounds very abstract, religion and philosophy are valuable guides to self discovery.  All virtue starts from within...
  • Classical Music Although I was introduced to it in college, I have been making up for lost time. However, the only instrument I play is the stereo!

  • Rock Music I have always been fond of rock music. My roots with this go back to my childhood when I used to collect Beatles songs.  Since then it expanded to include Pink Floyd and other groups.  .
  • Chinese Language & Culture My interest in China started when I read about Daoism as a teenager. After living in Taiwan, I was terminally hooked. After all, how many societies have more than twenty major schools of philosophy!

  • My Friends and Family People, especially those close to us are the most important part of being a human being.

  • My Favorite TV Shows Hey, I'm no culture snob. I have always been partial to science fiction, but it is the GOOD KIND (at least I think so), which is well worth watching.


    Although I love politics, economics, history and psychology, there are too many links around for me to make a decent list. Those who like these things will have their own lists anyway.

    I like computers but more to use on specific projects than as ends in themselves. I have many other interests such as biking (unless I crash) and hiking. I also enjoy art and theatre and rode horses for 10 years. I also collect stamps (both foreign and US), coins, antiques, books and local crafts from around the world. I also would like to learn new things that I never thought about doing before...skydiving sounds interesting...and finally DID learn Scuba!  Oh yes, I really want to learn to fly a plane.


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