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Family and Friend Pages...


This is a listing of my friend and family home pages.  I hope there will be more of them as time goes by.

To facilitate contact between people with my unusual last name, I have put up home pages by other people named "Trachtenberg".  Anyone who wishes to be included let me know. 


Friends and Family

BulletLedgewood Farm Home Page (My Parents)

BulletLedgewood Equine Veterinary Clinic (My Brother)

BulletMy Parents' E-Bay List

BulletCarolyn Cataldo, Sister-in-Law

BulletJames Creasy Car Racing, San Francisco, CA, USA

BulletMark Gross, San Diego, CA, USA

BulletMarie Goudreault, Haarlem, Netherlands (French)

BulletNatalie Zacek, University of Manchester, UK

BulletGinger Wang, Taipei, Taiwan



Other Trachtenbergs (not related)...

BulletSteven Joel, President, George Washington U, Washington, DC

BulletMichelle, Actress, USA,

BulletAdam, New York City, NY, USA (

BulletMark, Musician, Providence, RI, USA

BulletMartha, Musician, Huntington, NY, USA   

BulletGloria, Painter, New York City, NY, USA   

BulletThe Trachtenberg Math Method

BulletFoto Kunzer, Germany (

BulletMarc, History Professor, UCLA, USA   

BulletZev, Philosophy Professor, U of OK, USA

BulletAri, Engineering Professor, Boston U, USA

BulletMarcia, Yoga Instructor, Lenox, MA, USA   

BulletTrachtenberg Architects, Berkeley, CA, USA   



Here is a "Trachtenburg" -- since I keep on getting asked about it...

BulletTrachtenburg Family Slide Show Players, Musical Group, USA




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