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These pages are a collection of photographs taken around the world.  As time goes on, they will be included in country-specific portfolios.  They are grouped by country and region. 

-- Eric Trachtenberg 


Crofter's Cottage

The crofters were some of the earliest settlers in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.  A harsh climate and great distance from the mainland created a independent and stoic way of living which is still resonates today.  On the island of Barra, where this photo was taken, people speak Scots Gaelic first. 


York, England

York is a very popular English tourist that manages to be very nice despite the crowds. It has a huge cathedral ("Minster"), intact city walls, a fascinating Viking museum and a very interesting old quarter called the Shambles where buildings hang out over the street. 


Chateau Chillion 

Chateau Chillion is located on the eastern end of Lake Leman in Switzerland. 



Street Scene, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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