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The Three Little Gorges  (小三峡)  

The Three Little Gorges are located about 7 km from Fengjie.  I joined a tour boat and rode up the Danning River (但寧江) to these incredibly beautiful gorges, which will be completely submerged when the Three Gorges Dam is completed.  The ride up alternated with walk through poor villages and sometimes gratuitous tourist traps.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 

The Three Little Gorges: 

The Little Gorges Photo

Ride up the Little Gorges. 
The Three Little Gorges

Boats struggle up the Three Little Gorges. 
Three Little Gorges 

The boatmen take a rest...
The Three Little Gorges -- on the boat 

The guide told us of what each rock formation means -- one is an elephant, another a resting lady...and there are tombs which are reputedly from an ancient race. 
The Three Little Gorges 

The boatman work our way up the river.
The Three Little Gorges  -- a house 

Along the trip on the Three Little Gorges we walked through very poor villages.  This house was virtually bare inside save for a table, chair, bed and a B&W TV. 
The Three Little Gorges -- a woman selling tea eggs. 

A woman sells tea eggs across from a site which supposedly has the burial site of an ancient minority (this is probably not true but the suspended coffin cut into a high rock is probably over 1,000 years old). 
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