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These pages are a collection of photographs taken around the world.  As time goes on, they will be included in country-specific portfolios.  They are grouped by country and region. 

Note:  Some of these scans are more than ten years old and will eventually be replaced.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 

Cornell photo

Far above Cayuga's begins the Cornell school song.  Although going to school there was entirely too much work, there were three major compensations: Incredible friends, interesting people and beautiful scenery.  This photo taken of ivy growing up the side of the Modern Languages building (which is where I studied Russian formally for the first and last time). 


Cornell Dragon

Every year the freshman architecture students make a giant green dragon.  In a somewhat bizarre ritual, they parade it around campus on St. Patrick's Day where it gets pelted with eggs by the engineering students before being ritualistically burned. 


Near Lake Ontario 

I grew up in Rochester NY but my parents live about 30 minutes to the east.  Right nearby is a little 200 year old village called Pultneyville which has a little channel for ships to enter and exit.  This photo was taken during a winter sunset. 


Paint Cans 

Paint cans, near Rochester, NY 


Paint Cans 

Flowers, Buffalo NY 


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