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These pages are a collection of photographs taken around the world.  As time goes on, they will be included in country-specific portfolios.  They are grouped by country and region.  This page covers some beautiful places in the US west. 

Note:  These scans are more than ten years old and will eventually be replaced.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 

The United States: Scenic Beauty III 

Valley of Fire

Located near Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire is famous for its petroglyphs and very bright red rock outcroppings. 


Valley of Fire

More of the Valley of Fire.  I can never get over how those balanced rocks stay in place so long. 


Navajo sign 

In the west, tribal authorities have police powers in their areas -- which are often as beautiful as they are poor.  Although I ended up getting a speeding ticket on a straight road with nothing on it, I appreciated that these regions are very different from "mainstream" America.  Unfortunately, they are also very poor and plagued by alcoholism, drug abuse and crime. 


Frank Lloyd Wright Church 

Sedona, Arizona is famous for its red rocks, plethora of New Agers seeking enlightenment and a very pretty little church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.   My favorite activity in Sedona was hanging out in stores such as "The Crystal Voyage" and smelling the incense while reading about Enlightenment.  


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