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These pages are a collection of photographs taken around the world.  As time goes on, they will be included in country-specific portfolios.  They are grouped by country and region.  This page covers some beautiful places in the US west. 

Note:  These scans are more than ten years old and will eventually be replaced.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 

The United States: Scenic Beauty II 

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, with its trade mark "Hoodoos" (stone columns) is one of many spectacular parks in the Utah/Arizona region.  Carved over millions of years by wind and water, the part of America probably has some of the most spectacular terrain on earth.


Bryce Canyon

A close-up of the Hoodoos. 


Bryce Canyon 

The Hoodoos from above. 


Bryce Canyon 

It's a long way down.  No wonder Mr. Bryce said that the canyon was "a hell of a place to lose a cow! 


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