Year 2000 Russia Photos

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Here are more randomly selected photos of Yeva and me in Russia.  Most of my other photos are still being sorted out!

Yeva going Tartar

Yeva couldn't resist the chance to look exotic.  Here she is with a Tartar Tyubekteka.  The Tartars are descended from the same Mongols who conquered most of the known world 650 years ago.  The Russians never forgave them for it. 


On the Mir


Yeva and I were invited on the famous three-masted Russian sailing ship Mir.


The Great Helmsman


Here is my "Great Helmsman" look.


Roinka, Yeva's Dog

And who says Chow-Chows are vicious?  Certainly not this one!  Roinka, Yeva's dog, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "low energy".  It's odd the Chinese dogs (Chows, Shar-Peis and Cresteds) are popular in Russia.