Russia Photos, 2000 AD

Yes, I know this page is simple, but I was swamped and wanted to add something before I left Russia.  I am learning GoLive 5.0 along with DHTML and XML and expect that I will be adding tons of interesting stuff sometime in the future. 

Old Russian Dress in Rostov-Veliky

Looking like Boyars (nobility) in Rostov-Veliky on Russia's Golden Ring.  If you stay here you can almost have your own private Kremlin.  BTW, a Kremlin just means "fort" in Russian.


Victory Day in Moscow


May 9 is Victory Day in Russia and most of the former Soviet Union.  It marks the day the USSR defeated the Nazis.  By war's end, more than 25 million Russians were dead.  Churchill rightly said that the war was won on the backs of the Red Army.  I think this day should be a holiday everywhere.  


Communists in Red Square


Russia is not quite sure what to do with its past.  On one hand it is rebuilding churches at a furious pace.  Our Lady of Kazan (above) on Red Square was built in the 1500's, torn down by Stalin -- and rebuilt in 1993.  But, at the same time, Communism is strongest amongst the old who cling to its certainties in uncertain times.  


Yeva and Lenin

Of course Yeva has her own ideas about the relationship between the old and the new.  She prefers mini-skirts around Lenin's tomb in Red Square -- and so does anyone under 30.  



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