Russia 1990  

Russia 1990: Page 1

These photographs were taken during my first trip to what was the USSR, August 1990. 

Note:  These scans are more than ten years old and wall eventually be replaced.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 


The Great Patriotic War is a strong memory for most Russians. Whether it was because they suffered or heard about those who did, the Second World War is still a driving force in Russian politics.

Victory Monument, Leningrad

Victory is symbolized by a tall obelisk next to heroic citizens of the Soviet Union.


Hotel Sovietskaya 

In 1990, the Soviet Symbols had lost their meaning but that there presence. The sign said "Glory to the Hero City of Leningrad". In 1998 this had been replaced by advertisements for Panasonic.



Despite the ravages of war, beautiful reminders of Russia's past survive such as Tsariskoe Selo.


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Pictures: Eric Trachtenberg 
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