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These pages are a collection of photographs taken around the world.  As time goes on, they will be included in country-specific portfolios.  They are grouped by country and region.

Note:  These scans are more than ten years old and will eventually be replaced.

-- Eric Trachtenberg 


Ocean City, Maryland

Along the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.  Sometimes the tacky becomes sublime.


Old Louisina State Capital

This was the first state capital of Louisania.  It was replaced in the 1930's by then Gov. Huey Long who built a capital building with a skyscraper in the center instead of a dome. 


US Capitol from the top 

This photo was taken looking down during a climb to the top of dome of the US Capitol. 


Inside the Capitol dome 

Inside the dome of the US Capital, you can see George Washington and other assorted "Greek Gods"... 


Las Vegas 

Las Vagas is a fascinating den of sin with a fairy tale patina. 


Liberace's Car 

Liberace's Car


Las Vegas photo 

The Flamingo Hilton beckons with its bright lights. 


Las Vegas photo 

Another shot of the famous Hilton. 


Las Vegas photo 

Circus-Circus, one the more famous casinos on the Vegas Strip and also known for very cheap all-you can eat buffet.


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